Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd.

The company was founded in 1962 and is one of the leading companies in leisure, sports and municipal cultural services. The company manages and operates a variety of educational, cultural, vacation, entertainment, leisure and sport services for the residents of Holon and the surrounding area. The company is the under full ownership of the Holon Municipality and has been a profitable company continuously in recent years and all its profits are allocated for reinvestment for the benefit of the residents. The company constitutes a principal establishment in the positioning strategy of the town which aspires to provide its residents with equal, developed and diverse communal services for each person.

My means of the considerable knowhow gained by the company both in the business field and in the municipal field, the company serves as a broker between various business entities and the Holon Municipality in commercial projects, such as opening a chain of coffee shops in the town, thus allowing the interdisciplinary ability of the company to bridge between the various perceptions of these fields and to establish projects that comply with both business and municipal criteria. Export of the success model of Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd has led to interest from other municipalities and local councils that have wish to establish similar entities in their jurisdictions. The company’s managers hold frequent site inspections and lectures for representatives from other towns in Israel who come to learn from the success of the Holon model.

The company constitutes an operational arm for implementation of the Holon Municipality’s decisions and policies on matters of:

  • Management of sports, recreation and entertainment centres in the fields of health, leisure and sport – the company manages and operates a range of cultural, social, recreational and sports services designed for the residents of Holon and all the Israeli population.
  • Educational and cultural events – the company has been profitable continuously in recent years and all the profits are directed for allocation of resources for reinvestment for the wellbeing of the residents.
  • Construction and operation of business centres
  • Maintenance and operation of commercial centres, restaurants and coffee shops
  • Recreation and entertainment (performances and festivals) – the company constitutes a principal establishment in the positioning strategy of Holon, which aspires to provide its residents with developed communal services.
ימית ספארק המים

Leisure and recreation

מרכז תיאטרון בובות

Education and culture

היכל טוטו חולון

Health and sports

The company’s vision

Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd is an operational arm of the Holon Municipality, which operates for the wellbeing of all the town’s residents. Its objective is to be a leading company in all the fields of its activity in operating recreational, sports, cultural, entertainment, leisure services, health promotion, events and festivals of the highest standard.

We as a company act to intensify our customers’ experience and cultivate their loyalty, while placing the emphasis on safety, reliability and quality of the service. The company uses innovation and corporate initiative in the establishment and operation of the promotion of recreation, entertainment and leisure, ensuring financial criteria with success indices and clear targets. The company combines built in follow up and control processes during its work in the various fields of activity. The company ensures contribution to the community and maintenance of a green environment; awards a feeling of belonging, pride and excellence for its employees and provides options for personal development, promotion and growth.

החברה לבידור ולבילוי

CEO’s Statement

שמשון חן, מנכ”ל

Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd is an operational arm of the Holon Municipality which is managed with full financial independence and pays its debts from its total revenues.

The company operates for the wellbeing of the residents and its objective is to improve the quality of life in Holon.

The company operates several centres in the town including leisure, recreation, sport, culture, entertainment facilities; promotion of health, events and festivals at the highest of standards.

One of the centres operated by the company is one of the most beautiful parks in Israel, the Peres Park and its complex that provides a solution for a variety of activities for all ages.

Amongst others the company develops and promotes various and diverse projects throughout the town.

The company is acting to intensify the experience of its customers and to nurture their loyalty while placing the emphasis on safety, reliability, accessibility and quality of service.

The company espouses innovation, corporate initiative, development and operation for promotion of recreation and entertainment, sport and leisure.

The company integrates built in control and follow up processes and ensures a contribution to the community and preservation of a green environment.

The company intensifies social responsibility as a company value and awards a feeling of belonging and pride and provides possibilities for personal development, existence and growth.

I hope that you utilize and also enjoy the diverse services that the company offers for the benefit of the residents.

Yours sincerely,

Shimshon Hen, CEO

Advanced management methods

Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd is an operational arm of the Holon Municipality which acts for the wellbeing of all the residents of the town. Its objective is to be a leading company in all the fields of its activity. In order to maintain competitiveness and profitability, the company uses advanced management methods including MBO – target-oriented management, knowledge management focussed on encouragement of sharing of knowledge, information and control over inter-organizational and extra-organizational transparency. The company’s management activities are completely computerized. Innovation and corporate initiative are used in development and operation for promotion of entertainment and leisure for the wellbeing of the residents of Holon.

Financial community oriented stability

As a limited company under full municipal ownership, Recreation and Entertainment balances between activity under full market conditions on the one hand and is oriented to communal and social needs on the other. This privatization model enables Holon to benefit on the one hand from the efficacy and flexibility of free competition, and on the other hand from stability and consideration of the needs of the residents, which characterizes municipal authorities. The company manages a significant part of the cultural and recreational activities offered to Holon residents and does so with full financial independence and without dependence on municipal budgets.


Recreation and Entertainment has placed safety as one of its supreme values of its organizational culture and it ensures to implement it in all its activities. The company employs safety consultants and strict safety procedures which are embedded in all the organizational departments.

I’m Holoni

As part of the steps and the vision of the Holon Municipality to improve the service to the residents, the Municipality decided to establish a platform of a loyalty and discount card called “I am also from Holon”, that was launched in January 2017. The card is sponsored by the Holon Municipality and is managed by Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd which is a municipal subsidiary.

The residents’ card “I am also from Holon” is virtual and free of charge and awards the residents of Holon regular and variable benefits, discounts and special offers in all fields of life in Holon: consumerism, culture, leisure, sport, entertainment and more.

Realization of the benefit takes place by means of presentation of an identity card in which an address in Holon is registered/a hard copy loyalty card. The card can be issued at the marketing offices of Yamit Water Park 2000 for a symbolic price of NIS 10. The card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd is not responsible for the quality and the standard of the service provided by the businesses presented on the website and/or on the “I am also from Holon” Facebook page. The responsibility is imposed solely on the business owners. The benefits and the discounts are designed for the wellbeing of the residents of Holon and are updated frequently and on an ongoing basis on the website and on the Facebook page.

גם אני חולוני

Our Success Story


GO-ON subscribers


Completed projects


Recreation centers


Years of history


A chain of sports and fitness clubs providing services to 15,000 subscribers from Holon and the surrounding area. In addition to the chain’s services, the subscribers enjoy a variety of unique benefits, performances, cultural and entertainment events, from a perception that the chain enriches cultural and social life. The chain has three brands with differing positioning.

Within the framework of the company, Go On operates a chain of sports and recreation centres, which include Yamit Water Park, Briza and Nofshonit, which have thousands of subscribers who are residents of Holon and the surrounding area.

The chain provides its many subscribers with country club services, including innovative gyms, swimming pools of all sizes and types and for all ages, including covered and heated swimming pools during the winter months, a wide variety of courses for children and adults, a pampering Spa (at Yamit and Nofshonit) and more, and that is not all: subscribers to the chain also enjoy a variety of discounts and benefits, performances, plays and entertainment events. All this from a perspective that the club enriches the cultural and social life of all those who are subscribers. The chain has three country clubs, whereby each of them has different positioning:

Peres Park is a well kept public park, well cultivated, green and beautiful which incorporates an abundance of attractions providing a range of recreational and leisure options for all the family, a variety of open and illuminated sports fields, walking trails to maintain a healthy lifestyle and special fitness apparatus.

The Park and all its facilities enable a unique recreational experience designed for all the population. The Park has full accessibility for people with special needs which includes a trail for the visually impaired.

The Park is spread over an area of some 300 dunams and is located in the south-east of Holon. The Park borders Yamit Water Park on the west, the residential neighbourhood of Kiryat Sharet on the north, and the renewing and developing industrial zone in the east. Park Peres is a public park open to the general public throughout the year and is free of charge. There is a charge for use of the attractions dispersed through the Park.


Dunams Area


Years of history


Seats in Holon Toto Area

פרק פרספארק פרס

The La Park complex is an integral part of Holon’s vision and its branding as a town for children,. With its unique concept it is a leisure and recreational complex for all the family and includes a variety of coffee shops, restaurants and shops. The complex has a pastoral atmosphere of a park and offers a unique recreational experience for all the family. La Park is located adjacent to the Israeli Children’s Museum which constitutes a national anchor in the field of recreation and culture for children.

Yamit Water Park
Peres Park
Holon Toto Arena
Children’s Museum
לה פארק
The Accessible Garden
Ice Peaks
The Boats Lake
The Pacifiers Tree

The Holon Toto Hall which was inaugurated in March 2015 and serves as the home court for Hapoel Holon basketball team, is a new hall which has been designed and constructed pursuant to international standards. The Holon Toto Hall holds events, conventions, cultural performances, festivals, television productions, independent productions and more. The area of the Holon Toto Hall is some 13,000 m2 and has 5,600 comfortable seats. The size and structure of the hall enable angles and viewing distances suitable for an enjoyable viewing experience for adults and children alike.

The Holon Puppet Theatre Centre: a place for artists, creators, teachers, therapists, researchers….and you.

Only in Holon can you find a location that includes one artistic complex: a school, a unique museum, 2 performance halls, an annual international festival, after school classes for children, workshops for parades and a carnival, an institute for research, documentation and preservation, a shop and more. This unique and extraordinary place with its combination of elements creates a centre alike none other in Israel and there are only very few worldwide.

The centre offers and provides a wide variety of services for residents of Holon and the surrounding area. The ultimate objective of the centre is – improvement of functioning of the individual, and his optimal integration into society. The centre serves diverse populations of infants, children, adults and the elderly, and those with special needs.

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Therapeutic sport
  • Emotional therapy
  • A variety of after school classes for children such as: swimming for preschoolers, a unique football class, nonsense rhymes and stories (linguistic groups designed for those waiting for and graduates of speech therapy).

The Sports Department is an integral part of Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd. The department enriches the sports activities in schools in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, and helps achieving and competitive teams in an abundance of diverse sports. The objective of the department is to implement awareness of the importance of sport as part of a healthy lifestyle. The Sports and Physical Education Department incorporates several sports centres throughout the town. Holon is one of the leading towns in Israel that invests in sports and fitness activities for its residents as a healthy lifestyle.

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